Five Points Women

Treasuring Jesus Together Through Discipleship

Five Points women help each other treasure Jesus through unique discipleship environments that encourage growth in the Word of God and authentic, Gospel-centered relationships. A few of these opportunities are listed beow.


Retreats & Events

Each Fall we host a women's retreat, with the goal of providing you with a concentrated time of spiritual refreshment which we hope will propel you into more discipleship opportunities year round. Throughout the year we also host a number of fun events designed to foster deeper friendships centered on the Gospel. Keep an eye on our UPCOMING EVENTS page so that you can join us for our next retreat or event!

One-to-One Bible Reading

We believe there is power in the Word of God! And we want it to be normal for the women of Five Points to intentionally encourage one another with it throughout the week. Often this will happen naturally, apart from church staff coordinating it. But if you're new or just not sure how to get started, we are happy to help! By registering below, we will pair you with someone to read the Bible with! REGISTER FOR ONE-TO-ONE BIBLE READING.

The Discipleship Collective

The Discipleship Collective (TDC) is a two-year, discipleship intensive program. Year one is a classroom-based biblical and theological immersion. Year two is a hands-on residency designed to equip you to make disciples in the real world. When you register for TDC, you will be placed in a cohort of 5 other women who will become your support system throughout your time in the program. LEARN MORE ABOUT TDC.


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