Introducing Amos

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Introducing Amos

 This Sunday we will begin a 7 week sermon series through the Prophet Amos. The video above gives a detailed introduction, but here are a few key notes about the book.

About Amos: Amos was a well-off shepherd in the village of Tekoa, about 10 miles south of Jersualem, when the Lord called him to be a prophet around 760bc.

Original Audience: Northern Kingdom of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II.

Purpose: This was a time when Israel was experiencing widespread political and economic prosperity. Such affluence, however, had caused them to become puffed up with pride and they started living in complete disregard of God's moral commands. Amos is called to prophesy to them of the coming judgment of God. Even though Israel would be judged, in 9:11-15, the LORD promises that a remnant of Israel will be saved at a future time. 

Tips for Interpretation:

  • Keep in mind that will some prophecies deal with far off future events, most Old Testament prophets were addressing their original audiences
  • Remember that announcements of God's judgment come after years - and even centuries - of prolonged disobedience by God's people
  • Modern applicaiton should be primarily made to the Church, not modern nations

Preaching Schedule:

  • June 5th: Amos 1:1-2
  • June 12th: Amos 1:3-2:16
  • June 19th: Amos 3:1-4:13
  • June 26th: Amos 5:1-17
  • July 3rd: Amos 5:18-6:14
  • July 10th: Amos 7:1-8:14
  • July 17th: Amos 9:1-15